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When and how you should take your Social Security income benefits?

  • When and how to elect Social Security Benefits is a decision that every retiree must face. Recent studies show that approximately only 22% of financial professionals understand Social Security or how to properly integrate benefits into a financial plan.*
  • For many retirees, Social Security could account for more than 60% of their future income.** The problem is that some retirees spend more time booking a flight than they do making one of the largest financial decisions of their life.

During an EDUCATIONAL Workshop – you will learn:

  • Common misconceptions about Social Security-Including what Social Security personnel can and can’t do
  • Timing is everything! How to properly coordinate Social Security benefits with your spouse and other sources of retirement income
  • How Public Pension income affects Social Security benefits
  • Learn how you can optimize your benefit with techniques the Social Security office won’t tell you about
  • Strategies that may minimize or eliminate taxes on Social Security benefits
  • How to incorporate Social Security into your Income Distribution Strategy

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Government agency administration or any other are not endorsed or approved by the Social Security Administration.

* Financial Literacy, (November 2011), Financial Advisors’ Role in Influencing Social Security Claiming, WR-894-SSA, 4-77

Social Security Decisions